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Microtex Microfibre Magic Flat Mop Pad Head 30cm x 15cm Washable (110954037668)

Product Description
When we first encountered the microfibre technology we were amazed by the efficiency of the cleaning results. Not only could one mop into the corners tight and into the edges along the skirting boards but the flexible Microfibre 24cm velcro bracket and handle attachment this mop pad goes to can reach easily under static tables, chairs and equipment saving bad hygiene or heavy pushing. The secret to microfibres is that they will search into the very small pores of the tile, lino or other hard surface and hook out the soiling that socket mops and other mops just move over leaving behind. This results in amazing results, reduced odours and increased life of materials. Not only that but because you can wash these pads many 100's of times they become very cost effective. Note never to wash them in any bleaches or fabric softners as this will clog the fine fibres and the pad will never work the same again and when washing try to keep them away from non woven fibres as this will stick to hooking microfibres.
Technical Details
Flat thick absorbant 30cm x 15cm Pad Microtex quality fibres for deep cleaning Washes over 250 times by hand or machine Colour tags for coding hygiene Superb performance and durability

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