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Air Senz Automated Aerosol 270 ml Fragrance Air Freshener Refill Can (110956340106)


AirSenz Auto Digital Air Freshener Can Refill 270ml - available in various scents from citrus, berry, apple, baby powder etc.

Lasts up to 3000 sprays and 52 days. It comes in various scents and we generally send you the lost popular scents we have in stock but if you want a specific just message us and we will see if we can help.

Here is the blurb for the dispenser which is also available to buy as a kit. 

Most competitors systems claim to offer flexibility but in fact have settings that limit the efficient use of the fragrance refills in order to maximise consumable sales. The AirSenzâ„¢ Digital Dispenser provides geniune programmability for the service company. Simple programming options allow the machine to operate during very specific time periods when odour control is actually required. Offers simple switch programming for 12 or 24 hour day/night operation. There is also a function for use with 6000 shot sprays (double longevity). AirSenzTM Deluxe combines increased economy of use with quick and easy programming

Technical Info24 hour built in clockon/off spray time function1-60 minutes spray interval optionsCan refill indicatorDays to next service displayChemical-resistant plastic12 month battery life (2xD-cell)Solid construction5 year guaranteeDimensions: W245 x W100 x D80mm



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